Attention is the New Gold


What do you want to get rid of? What is bothering you? What would you prefer instead?


The power of full presence
in communication

Jennet Burghard

Some people know me from my leadership trainings, some from my coaching work with individuals, teams and olympic athletes, and others associate my name with Relational Presence, NLP, Human Design or MindSonar.

You will find this diversity on this website. This goes against any advice I have had to focus on 1 specific niche so that people don’t drop out due to too much choice. I apologize, I tried, but I can’t choose. I do it all with dedication and delight- for over 25 years 😉

If you want to develop yourself further, I invite you to look around the website for what suits you best right now. Feel free to contact me to talk about your questions!


Marjolein Salari

“I already knew Jennet from another collaboration and therefore, I found it quite exciting to put a coaching issue to her. Exciting, yet safe. Because Jennet brings warmth, humor and sharpness to her coaching, exactly what I needed.

My two points of concern were: ‘am I doing the work I really want to be doing?’ And ‘if so, do I want to continue doing that work with my current employer?’ After a few coaching sessions with Jennet the answer became very clear!

What I took most from Jennet’s coaching, was to be more honest with myself. Peeling off all layers of ‘must’ and ‘should’ and coming back to: what is it all about, to me? When I write it down, it seems obvious, but in reality it is not.

I thought that coaching would be very hard but Jennet showed me that you can enjoy working on yourself and your future. And, most importantly, the coaching definitely helped me!”


Application coordinator hospital

“Jennet pushes me in the right way to increase my understanding of myself. She can easily translate my questions into deeper causes. Every time I go home with food for thought and tools that I can use both professionally and personally.”


Tomasz Zawadzki
MindSonar Head Poland, Coach & Facilitator

“I met Jennet while I was organizing the second edition of MindSonar Certification Training in Poland. She was sent to deliver the content. On this certification training I had invited experienced trainers, coaches, top managers and HR-professionals. During the training participants started to discuss that they had never seen such a competent trainer, who is so much in connection and mindful on every person in the classroom. Since that event I have been co-operating with Jennet for many times. It is a wonderful person highly skilled in training, coaching and business counseling. I hope you will have a privilege to meet Jennet in your professional life, because it will be for sure a gift for you.”

The Power of Attention

Have you ever noticed how often you are occupied with certain thoughts? Have you ever observed your inner voice(s)? How do you listen to yourself and others? What would you say is your percentage rate when it comes to being fully present when you communicate?

Do you know how you can train this? Are you interested in the benefits? It is possible to become so much more aware of how we pay attention to others in communication.

In my E-book ‘The power of attention’ I share five useful steps to both train and become acutely aware of your way of ‘paying attention’.

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