Jennet Burghard

In 1998 I started my own training agency and coaching practice after having worked as a program manager and consultant for years. I still do my job with heart and soul. What is central in my style is the guidance of individuals and teams through changes within themselves and in relation to their environment.

The power of attention

Whether we want to change our behavior on the outside or feel different on the inside – it starts with being more aware.
Attention to what-is, what is happening, what is important, what you do, think, feel, choose and create, both consciously and unconsciously.

I feel there are no limits to self-realization

What I love to bring to the table most is both creating a safe environment and provide effective processes enabling you to become more connected with yourself and others and to actually make changes in the direction you desire.

Personal Leadership

After my Masters in Public Administration and my first work experiences, I have discovered that the most interesting “field” for me is Personal Leadership. I started to study and practice that and I will continue to do so with great pleasure:

  • Core Transformation Work
  • Destination® Coaching
  • Leadership, Identity and Vision
  • multiple Braining Integration Techniques (mBIT)
  • Mental Space Psychology
  • MindSonar® – Mindsets Measurement
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Performance Coaching
  • Purpose of Life
  • Relational Presence®
  • Situational Leadership
  • Speaking Circles®
  • Wholeness Process
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