Present! offers a surprisingly simple way to present authentically, based on Speaking Circles® and Relational Presence®. No tips, tricks or shortcuts on how to stand and what to say to impress. In essence, the book provides: how to speak so that people listen and how to listen so that people speak.

Present! I wrote together with Koos Wolcken.

Present! is beautifully designed and, thanks to the clear explanations, personal clarifications and practical exercises, is an unique and immediately usable book about Presenting.

With the emphasis on authenticity and connection. Connection with yourself and with your audience.

Present! can be used by anyone who communicates with groups. For those who find it difficult to speak in a group and those who wish to ‘perform’ less and be more authentic in their communication.

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Peter Lake (France)
International Trainer and Consultant

I read through your book (twice) and to be honest it is excellent!


Jan-Paul van den Berg
Rehabilitation Doctor

“Present” is a must read for anyone who wants to develop themselves further both in presenting and communicating.
In the book, as well as the training, you will receive tips and advice on how to communicate honestly and authentically with any group. 

I can use what I have learned in different settings and I feel more calm and confident when presenting.

Book Present! | Jennet Burghard