Change is possible!

Are you stuck in what you think, feel, do and do you want to get rid of this?

For example, are you longing for more inner peace, balance, clarity about what you want, self-confidence and being yourself?

If you want to take the next step in your development, choose this short-term, result-oriented coaching where it’s all about you.

Developing awareness about what and how you think, do, feel and perceive. Recognizing patterns, discovering core values, creating insight and experiencing a greater amount of choices.

The best thing you can be is yourself – at any time – in any relationship – in any situation.

I am a member of the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and I work according to the International Ethical Code of Conduct of the NOBCO and the EMCC.


ICT Manager & Digital Transformation

“I was faced with a number of problems which I didn’t know I had until I was confronted with them in a practical situation. Jennet helped me map out how my mindset and behavior played a role in this context, and provided the insights and exercises to change this for the better. The nice thing about Jennet is that she gives you all the space to be yourself, but at the right times can be strict and will redirect. Therefore, I would highly recommend Jennet if you are strongly opinionated and you are used to following your own path.”


Brigitte Loenen
Manager Clinical Operations

“Besides the leadership training, I personally have also learned a lot from the coaching that Jennet gave to a colleague and me. In this, Jennet has provided us with sympathy, empathy but also a sense of clarity from which I still reap the benefits today.”

Not all minds think alike

Imagine knowing how everyone within a team thinks, acts, feels and what is important to all of them?

MindSonar® is a tool I use for both individual and team coaching. The added value of using MindSonar is that underlying mindsets in a particular situation are measured and made visible.

The insight obtained creates a broader spectrum of choice to think and communicate differently to achieve goals.

A MindSonar measurement does not state “this is what you are like” but “you think like this in this particular situation and it is changeable!”

Since 2010, together with Lot Wielders, I have been coach for the Royal Dutch Equestrian Sports Federation (KNHS). I coach the Dutch Teams (dressage, eventing and Paralympic) when they are about to go to important championships. Having insight into each other’s criteria and ways of thinking makes maximum performance both individually and as a team a lot easier.

For the IEP I provide the MindSonar Certification Training for professionals who wish to work with this mindset-measuring tool themselves.


Hans van Rooij
Interim manager Ruysdael
Founder ReMediZ

“This is my way of being coached. This is what works for me. Spontaneously and without predefined questions or goals. Trusting my gut telling me that it is time to spout and just let it happen.
I intuitively book appointments with Jennet. And looking back at our encounters, I notice a pattern. I start to speak about what concerns me, what is keeping me busy and somewhere during that story I am prompted (by Jennet) … in other directions. Which leads to clear insights. Insights about which I ask myself afterwards “couldn’t you think of this yourself?”. Apparently not.”

Coaching | Jennet Burghard