Relax your mind – Open your heart – Speak your truth
in Relational Presence

Practice this as often as you can

Imagine, privately or at work, that in conversations, meetings and consultations everyone matters and is heard. That everyone participates fully. That there is no distance, pretending, holding back, but authenticity, trust and connection.

What will it take to make that happen?
Attention. Our fullest attention.

Attention is the new gold

When we are consciously present in a conversation, the atmosphere changes, peace comes into our bodies and space in our heads to listen deeply and speak openly.

Relational Presence is a very simple and effective way of coming into the here-and-now with all your attention, and then being present. Simple does not always mean easy.

We have to accommodate to that level of intimacy and connection with others and ourselves.And it is SO worth experiencing, practising and deepening this.
Over and over again.

Treat yourself to 60 minutes of practicing
In a small group.
The fee is € 39 a session ex VAT
Every 5th session is free of charge



Niels Tekke
Facilitator of Change and Innovation
Meerkat BV

“Innovative! Special to connect like this with total strangers online. Also prompts reflection on how I normally (do or don’t) connect). Nice how simple and clear Jennet holds this.”


Clinical Research Manager

I wish everyone to have a journey with Jennet.
It increases enjoyment of what you do or experience. Whether you are in a good place or not, conversations with Jennet will certainly contribute to positive changes. Jennet is a pleasant conversation partner, who is attentive, warm and fully present.

For me, the purpose of coaching was to do something about rusted patterns in terms of experience, coping and ways of taking action. Because of the coaching I feel I am in more positive flow. The ability to make choices based on what I want, and generating as well as experiencing more fun.


Carlos Argüello
Director AR Consulting

Jennet is an amazing trainer! Her work is so nice and complete that it is so easy to forget that you are in a training, yet you get amazing learnings and results! Jennet’s style and methods work so well, onsite and online.

Online Practice | Jennet Burghard