Full attention can be quite something

  • How can you be fully present in every communicative situation?
  • Face to face but also in online meetings?
  • What can you do if you get distracted and your thoughts go in all directions?
  • How do you keep others engaged?
  • How do you achieve real connection?

Relational Presence® is about the quality of attention in communication.

The ability to be fully present in the here and now when you listen or speak, connected with yourself and the other(s)

Being present in this way in any kind of conversation, consultation or presentation, has a positive effect on others. People feel seen and heard. This generates the willingness to see you and listen to you too. Connection is co-created.


The Online Training consists of 1 individual session and 3 group sessions
In the individual session (duration 20-30 minutes) you will learn the basic exercises. What is  a peripheral gaze? How do you use that online? How does that help you to stay present with all of your attention and not to get lost in your own thoughts? How is that for you when you listen and how is that for you when you speak?

The group sessions (duration 35-45 minutes) are about deepening Relational Presence and discovering how all of this works for you in a group setting.

Groups are always small so there is plenty of room for everyone to practice with the highest quality of attention.

For the advanced – Practice makes art

Did you train in the field of Relational Presence or Speaking Circles before*?

If you did, then you will know how you could apply this powerful way of being present anywhere and anytime. You will also recognize the value of the continuous and targeted practice of this skill. Deepening your ability to be in Relational Presence is now also possible by participating in the Online Practice.

You can register for a package of online sessions or sign up for a trial session.

The group is always small so that everyone is included. Each meeting lasts 35-45 minutes.

* In addition to all the training given by Koos Wolcken and myself, every training day with a licensed colleague Relational Presence® and Speaking Circles® Facilitator provides you access to this Online Practice. All Facilitators are listed on relationalpresence.eu


Clinical Research Manager

I wish everyone to have a journey with Jennet.
It increases enjoyment of what you do or experience. Whether you are in a good place or not, conversations with Jennet will certainly contribute to positive changes. Jennet is a pleasant conversation partner, who is attentive, warm and fully present.

For me, the purpose of coaching was to do something about rusted patterns in terms of experience, coping and ways of taking action. Because of the coaching I feel I am in more positive flow. The ability to make choices based on what I want, and generating as well as experiencing more fun.


Carlos Argüello
Director AR Consulting

Jennet is an amazing trainer! Her work is so nice and complete that it is so easy to forget that you are in a training, yet you get amazing learnings and results! Jennet’s style and methods work so well, onsite and online.

Online Practice | Jennet Burghard