The power of attention

How effective is communication if there is no sense of connection? To what extent can there really be a connection between people if we are only partly present?

Effective and meaningful communication requires being fully present in the here-and-now.

This is easier said than done. Often in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we hardly notice how our thoughts stray, how we are absentminded, how little we observe of ourselves and others and how we listen to be able to respond rather than to understand. So many times when we speak we are more focused on content than on connection.

Attention is the new gold

Relational Presence® is a very effective way to time and again be able to switch to being fully present and to both listen and speak with full attention.

Imagine feeling at ease in a group, there is a real sense of connection and people are listening to what you have to say.

You can apply Relational Presence anywhere in any conversation, in any communicative situation. The method is simple and powerful. It starts with mastering a skill, with practice it becomes a deeply embodied state of being.


Relational Presence as a foundation
  • Leadership, Identity and Vision
  • Effective Communication in Teams
  • Authentic Presenting
  • NLP in Business
  • NLP and Ways of Thinking in Communication

Would you like to learn this with your team or organization, please contact me to discuss a customized implementation.

If you want to experience this for yourself, please contact me to see how you can participate in live courses I give in the Netherlands.
Simultaneous translation (into English) works for almost everyone.

Together with Koos Wolcken I provide the Relational Presence Facilitator courses.
Location is my office in Houten or another place near Utrecht.

Facilitator Training

€2100 ex VAT

4 days

Relational Presence Facilitator Certification Training

27-30 August 2024

more information about Certification Route

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Marjolein Salari

“One specific thing, which has brought me a lot in both my work and private life, is Jennet’s explanation of the ‘peripheral gaze’. And what that means is best experienced with her.”


Brigitte Loenen
Manager Clinical Operations

“My first encounter with Jennet was during a Leadership Training with my team. A team that went through dark times due to great demand and insufficient capacity. We started to see what we can and cannot influence, what we could and could not do and with whom, resulting in being able to continue working under the same circumstances in a relatively short time. There are still situations in which the lessons learned are being discussed and used. The trainings and individual coaching sessions are experienced as very valuable. They have provided decisiveness and insight into personal strengths and personal pitfalls. Partly because of this, there is now a fully-fledged team able to pass on what has been learned to new team leaders.”

Authentic Presentation based on Relational Presence®

Imagine being comfortable with any group, being yourself, saying what you have to say in any meeting / presentation… and even being listened to.

Authenticity – Connection – Impact

I am co-founder of the European Relational Presence Network for Licensed Facilitators.

Training Relational Presence | Jennet Burghard